Wisconsin Siamese Snowshoe Kittens

Wisconsin Siamese Snowshoe Kittens



Color Points found this on the web.
Color Points found this on the web.

Siamese Snowshoe cross kittens Costs:

Sometimes my kittens are on sale so if I  gave you a different price you should go with that price but if you don't have a deposit holding that price the price can change daily keep that in mind if kitten is not on hold or with a deposit then go by the rate given below thank you.

We have different males to meet your needs some are with poly gene Darius kittens (only )

Magnum and Jumanjii have the long haired gene 

Also sometimes we do charge 200 more per set of polydactyl paws. Example front and back add 400 to price below.

Its very rare to get both front and back poly paws :) we have them!



Flampoint- females are more expensive they are rare



Lynxpoint -$1500


Exotic colors torties and torbie 


SNOWSHOES :$1500-$2100 depending on markings


Foreign:( all white with blue eyes )start at $1500

Double poly paw rare feet
Double poly paw rare feet
Female White Siamese
Female White Siamese "Snow White"

Foreign cats

The White Siamese 

Found on the net
Found on the net
Found on the internet
Found on the internet
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Why do their coats change colors

"Special protein (enzyme), called tyrosinase, is the main workhorse in the production of the melanin. A research team from the University of California, USA, led by L. A. Lyons, found that Siamese cats have tyrosinase that has mutated because of the changes in the DNA helix. Such mutant enzyme, as previous research papers have shown, is temperature-sensitive. It means that increasing the temperature decreases the activity of the tyrosinase. That is the reason, why cat’s warm parts of the body are coated with white, melanin-lacking hair. Tyrosinase is inactive in these parts and melanin is not produced – hair is white-colored. Conversely, in cooler extremities the enzyme is active and the melanin is produced – hair has dark color.

Such molecular mechanism of the fur color indicates that Siamese cats living in the cool weather regions should have darker pattern. The scientifically based explanation is further validated by such observation – Siamese cats in the warmth-lacking environments are really darker than those living in the warm areas." https://www.technology.org/2014/07/29/mystery-siamese-cats/

Found this on the world wide web I think it's very interesting